Demo Page

This page demonstrates the use of the new geo-sensitive meta tags employed by the Gigablast search engine.

Hi! We are located on 1234 San Mateo on the east side of Albuquerque, New Mexico. Come and see our fine collection of widgets. Choose from purple, blue, yellow or indigo. First 500 buyers receive a gift certificate.

View the source of this page to see the special meta tags employed by this page. You will see:
<meta name="zipcode"        content="87112,87113,87114">
<meta name="city"           content="albuquerque, abq, rio rancho">
<meta name="state"          content="new mexico">
<meta name="country"        content="usa, united states of america">
<meta name="author"         content="matt wells">
<meta name="language"       content="english">
<meta name="classification" content="products,product">
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