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Biden: Trump has 'no idea' about working-class struggles - San Antonio Express-News
My San Antoniocachedstripped 1 hour ago
Biden was reminded of that on the eve of his speech. Biden railed against escalating corporate profits and salaries for CEOs. Biden also pitched his public option health insurance plan as competition against private insurers.

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Why Republicans Storming a SCIF Puts National Security at Risk | WIRED
WIRED 2 hours ago
“Bringing those into such a space can cause real national security vulnerabilities. Let's start with the SCIF, since it's an unfamiliar acronym for many. The reason to lock down a SCIF is intuitive.

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Chaotic scene as Republicans disrupt impeachment deposition - San Antonio Express-News
My San Antoniocachedstripped 2 hours ago
Several Republicans appeared to be tweeting from the secure room. WASHINGTON (AP) - Republicans brought House Democrats' impeachment investigation to a halt on Wednesday as around two dozen GOP House members stormed into a closed-door deposition with a Defense Department official. The staff member who was checking identification at the entrance was "basically overcome" by the Republicans, she said.

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D.C. safety patrol trip maestro, principal Buz Spooner dies at 85 - News - The Palm Beach Post - West Palm Beach, FL
The Palm Beach Postcachedstripped 1 hour ago
The trip itself predates Spooner by about a decade. (Only later, when middle schools emerged, did safety patrol become a fifth-grade job.). In 1999, Spooner retired after 17 years as a teacher and 25 more as a Palm Beach County principal.

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Zuckerberg defends Facebook's currency plans before Congress - SFGate
http:/​/​sfgate.comcachedstripped 1 hour ago
House Financial Services Committee's immediate focus was Facebook's plans for the currency, to be called Libra. WASHINGTON (AP) - Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg endured hours of prickly questioning from lawmakers Wednesday as he defended the company's new globally ambitious project to create a digital currency while also dealing with widening scrutiny from U.S. regulators. Furthermore, Waters told Zuckerberg, "You have opened up a discussion about whether Facebook should be broken up.".

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Exclusive: U.S. FAA must restore 'public confidence' in plane certification - inspector general - Reuters
Reuters - Videocachedstripped 2 hours ago
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) must work to restore “public confidence” in aircraft certification efforts after two deadly Boeing 737 MAX crashes, the U.S. Transportation Department's inspector general said on Wednesday in a report seen by Reuters. Congress is mulling changes to how the FAA delegates some certification tasks to manufacturers for new airplanes. The long-standing practice of delegating certification tasks to aircraft manufacturers has come under criticism from lawmakers and others after the two crashes in October 2018 in Indonesia and March 2019 in Ethiopia, which killed 346 people.

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Trump: U.S. Will Keep Some Troops in Northern Syria to 'Protect' Oil
WSJ.comcachedstripped 4 hours ago
President Trump said the U.S. will lift sanctions on Turkey, following news that the country is permanently halting its offensive in Northern Syria, but will keep a small number of U.S. troops in northern Syria to protect the oil field. Trump Lifts Sanctions on Turkey on News Ceasefire Is 'Permanent'. Photo: Jacquelyn Martin/Associated Press.

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Gold Ends Modestly Higher On Safe-haven Appeal
rttnews.com 4 hours ago
On Tuesday, gold futures for December ended down $0.60, or 0.04%, at $1,487.50 an ounce. Gold prices edged higher on Wednesday, snapping a three-day losing run, as investors sought the safe-haven asset amid continued uncertainty about Brexit and rising possibility of more monetary easing by global central banks. Gold futures for December ended up $8.20, or about 0.6%, at $1,495.70 an ounce, after rising to a high of $1,499.40 in the session.

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Briefing: Google CEO: Quantum Breakthrough Could Speed AI Development - The Information
Latest Articles - The Informationcachedstripped 3 hours ago
This could accelerate the pace of AI development, Google CEO Sundar Pichai told MIT Technology Review. Google, in a new research paper, claims to have built a quantum computer that can handle a calculation in under four minutes that the world's fastest supercomputer would need 10,000 years to perform. The situation shows how big technology companies are jockeying to be seen as leaders in quantum computing, despite the absence of practical applications for the technology.

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Amazon Reports Earnings on Thursday: 7 Important Things to Watch - TheStreet
The Street.comcachedstripped 3 hours ago
Following its summer selloff, Amazon.com's (AMZN - Get Report) stock is roughly flat over the last 12 months, after having roughly doubled over the prior 12 months. TheStreet will be live-blogging Amazon's Q3 report, which is expected after the bell on Thursday, along with an earnings call that starts at 5:30 P.M. Eastern Time. That, together with an understanding that Amazon is once more sacrificing some near-term profits to drive additional growth, could give Jeff Bezos' firm some leeway as it posts its Q3 report.

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2019 MLB World Series: Lance Barksdale living the dream as umpire
The Clarion-Ledger | Mississippi...cachedstripped 1 hour ago
Now, Barksdale is calling his first MLB World Series as an umpire. But while pitching for Mississippi Collge, Barksdale also began umpiring little league games, according to the Perry. If the series goes to Game 5, Barksdale will call the series from home plate.

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Kurdish Dreams Fade After Russia-Turkey Deal Ends Fighting | Voice of America - English
voanews.comcachedstripped 1 hour ago
Kurdish forces cannot beat Turkey, Russia and the Syrian government. On Tuesday night, a five-day pause in hostilities between Turkey and Kurdish-led forces ended in a deal between Turkey and Russia. The deal requires the main Kurdish fighting force, the YPG, to pull all troops and weapons 30 kilometers back from the border with Turkey.

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Syria ceasefire: Trump tries to turn diplomatic catastrophe into political win | US News | Sky News
cuenta «Sky News» 2 hours ago
Donald Trump has announced the United States has brokered a permanent ceasefire in northeast Syria, taking credit for a deal that will be enforced by Turkey and Russia. His address was an attempt to turn a diplomatic catastrophe into a political win - to appeal to those unmoved by the machinations of the Middle East. Mr Trump sought to cast this announcement as a triumph of diplomacy after weeks of heavy criticism from diplomatic and military quarters, and even some of his most loyal allies.

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Teen charged in shooting of Wilmington 14-year-old - News - Wilmington Star News - Wilmington, NC
Star News Onlinecachedstripped 2 hours ago
When officers arrived, they found a 14-year-old boy with a gunshot wound. The Wilmington Police Department arrested a suspect in connection with the shooting of a 14-year-old boy that occurred two weeks ago. Courtney Antwain McNeil, 19, was taken into custody Monday, Oct. 21.

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Blue and White Invites Likud to Unity Govt Talks | The Jewish Press - JewishPress.com | Hana Levi Julian | 25 Tishri 578...
The Jewish Press 3 hours ago
Likud party sources told Ynet they plan to attend the meeting. Members of the Blue and White party reached out to their counterparts in the Likud party on Wednesday with an invitation to sit down Thursday in an initial meeting to discuss the possibility of a unity government. Blue and White party chairman Benny Gantz was expected to receive the mandate from President Reuven Rivlin in the evening to form a government.

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No evidence of ethnic cleansing in Syria: US official | OANA NEWS
OANA NEWS 2 hours ago
A senior U.S. official from the White House said Wednesday that Washington has not heard of any evidence of "ethnic cleansing" by Turkey in northeastern Syria. "As of now, I don't think we've seen any evidence of ethnic cleansing," the official told the reporters via telephone, speaking on the condition of anonymity. That action drew criticism from naysayers from around the world who claimed the Turkish military is conducting "ethnic cleansing" against the Kurdish population in Syria's northeast.

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California utility sets another blackout amid fire fears - San Antonio Express-News
My San Antoniocachedstripped 1 hour ago
SAN FRANCISCO (AP) - The state's largest utility said it will go ahead with widespread blackouts affecting nearly half a million people starting Wednesday as dangerous fire weather returns to California. Meanwhile, Southern California Edison said it could cut power Thursday to more than 308,000 customers in seven counties, and San Diego Gas & Electric was warning of power shutoffs to about 24,000 customers. PG&E cut power to more than 2 million people across the San Francisco Bay Area in rolling blackouts from Oct. 9-12, paralyzing parts of the region in what was the largest deliberate blackout to prevent wildfires in state history.

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Lebanon protests receive backing from religious leaders - SFGate
http:/​/​sfgate.comcachedstripped 3 hours ago
BEIRUT (AP) - Anti-government rallies received major support Wednesday from the country's Christian and Muslim leaders who described the weeklong protests as "a historic and exceptional popular uprising" against corruption and mismanagement and appealed to the government to meet the demands of the people. Protesters have shattered taboos, openly taking aim at powerful sectarian leaders from their own communities for the first time. Hundreds of thousands of people have flooded public squares across the country in the largest protests in over 15 years - a rare show of unity among Lebanon's often-divided public in their revolt against status-quo leaders who have ruled for three decades and brought the economy to the brink of disaster.

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The Latest: EU lawmaker backs 3-month Brexit extension - SFGate
http:/​/​sfgate.com 5 hours ago
It was headed "Labour has just delayed Brexit again.". Steffen Seibert told reporters in Berlin on Wednesday that "an extension will not fail because of Germany.". If approved, it would be the third delay to Brexit, which was originally scheduled for late March.

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കോലി ഇന്ത്യന്‍ ക്രിക്കറ്റിലെ ഏറ്റവും പ്രധാനപ്പെട്ട താരം; പറയാനുള്ളത് കേള്‍ക്കും - ഗാംഗുലി | Virat Kohli| Sourav Ganguly|...
Mathrubhumi 2 hours ago
മുംബൈ: ക്യാപ്റ്റന്‍ വിരാട് കോലി ഇന്ത്യന്‍ ക്രിക്കറ്റിലെ പ്രധാനപ്പെട്ട താരമാണെന്ന് ബി.സി.സി.ഐ പ്രസിഡന്റ് സൗരവ് ഗാംഗുലി. 'ഇന്ത്യന്‍ ക്യാപ്റ്റന്‍ വിരാട് കോലി ഇന്ത്യന്‍ ക്രിക്കറ്റിലെ ഏറ്റവും പ്രധാനപ്പെട്ട താരമാണ്. അദ്ദേഹത്തിന് പറയാനുള്ളത് കേള്‍ക്കും'' - ഗാംഗുലി വ്യക്തമാക്കി.

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